Mountain Boarding

28/01/2017 - 11:00am


Mountain Boarding

Sunday 28th of January 10am– 3pm

Join us for a the opening of Mountain Boarding and Dry Ski Slope lessons at Mt Baw Baw.

  • Lift will be open from 11am –3pm
  • Rails, jumps and air bag
  • Demo’s by Mountain Boarding Pros
  • Learn to Ride a Mountain Board for from 10-11 and 12-1 ($20)
  • Board Hire and Lift Tickets are available on the day. 


Lift Tickets Avalible from Baw Baw Sports

Board hire -Baw Baw Sports and outdoors on the day (in Baw Baw Village)


Board Hire $20 for an hour or $50 all day.

price includes helmet with all rentals, additional knee/elbow pads are available in store for hire and sale.

Lift Tickets $25 for the day.

Tank Hill Lift to be operational from 11am-3pm


Shedule of events
10-11pm Learn to Ride lesson
11-3 lift open
12-1 Learn to Ride lesson
1-2 Big Air Bag session ($5) 
3pm Lifts close




What is mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding is essentially snowboarding but done on grass, dirt, or pavement. With a mountainboard your terrain is limitless and you can ride all year long! Although it draws a lot of similarity from snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, mountainboarding has developed into a sport in its own right with its own culture and history and includes racing, freestyle, freeride and kiting disciplines. Mountainboarding is done in over 30 countries and continues to be one of the most exciting and fastest growing board sports.


Where can I ride a mountainboard?

You can ride a mountainboard almost anywhere.  In fact you really need only a 5 degree slope to have enough speed in which to carve. Grass hills are an ideal place to learn. Additionally you can ride on bmx tracks, dirt roads, pavement, and some ski resorts in the summer time.  Ask the resort nearest you if they have allow mountainboarding.


Who rides a mountainboard?

Snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers, mountainbikers, bmxers, wakeboarders, skiers all ride mountainboards. Basically anyone can do it. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the slopes or a first timer you’ll find that mountainboarding is very easy to learn and in fact you do not need any special boarding skills to make your first turns. Before long you’ll be a true mountainboarder.


Is mountainboarding hard to learn?

Mountainboarding is easy to learn. In fact, it is much easier to learn than snowboarding. Within one hour most people can learn how to carve in both directions and in total control. Check out our MBS Ride Guide Video on our You Tube Channel  HERE to learn the basics, or search for lessons offered in your area.

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