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  • Safe Snow Driving Tips

    Safe Snow Driving Tips

    • Drive cautiously with gradual pressure on the accelerator
    • Avoid unnecessary changes – Brake with gradual pressure
    • Avoid braking when cornering – Make sure your battery is in good condition
    • Fit chains to your tyres when advised or if the road looks icy
    • Check road conditions before you go
    • Engage low gear when you drive up the mountain
    • If you hit ice – don’t panic or apply brakes too suddenly, just slowly regain traction
    • At night, only use low beam lights. High beams do not work in high mist areas. If you can’t see, pull over, put on your hazard lights and keep your engine running
    • Anti-freeze is recommended in your radiator
    • We recommend that once parked, leave the car in park and do not apply the hand brake: moisture can freeze the cables and brake linings
    • Park only where directed. If you do not, you run the risk of another vehicle or snow clearing vehicle, running into what looks to the driver like just another drift of snow
    • Please note: the car park closest to the village entrance (car park 1) is strictly for day visitors only. Overnight guests are required to park in car parks 2 or 3.
    • Leave the car in gear with the front wheels turned away from the slope
    • Always park as close to the bank as possible, to leave room for two-way traffic
    • Do not use rocks to chock wheels as they may damage snow clearing machines
    • Remove wheel chocks from parking area when leaving
    • Even if chains were not required to enter the area, it is advisable to fit them when parking. It is much easier than trying to fit them later for the return trip if weather conditions change or the vehicle is snowbound
    • Cover the radiator to help prevent freezing
    • Periodically clear snow from on and around the vehicle

    More Hints

    • Lift wipers from windscreen or place in a plastic bag if parking for an extended period so that wipers do not stick to the glass
    • Clear all glass and mirrors of ice before attempting to drive away from snowfields
    • For fast demisting of the front windscreen, use the car’s heater and fan in conjunction with the vehicle’s air conditioner
    • Warm the engine for a few minutes before driving off
    • Cover door locks with masking tape to stop locks freezing up
    • Don’t use wooden chocks, these tend to slip on icy surface
    • Motoring on alpine roads not only requires concentration and adept driving skills, but also a lot of patience. Keep your cool if stuck in a long queue of traffic, and always follow directions by resort staff and road signs. They are there for your safety!
    • Important note for diesel vehicles: If you drive a diesel vehicle we recommend that you fill up in towns closest to the mountain who supply alpine diesel as the cold temperatures in the alpine environment can affect diesel fuel (closest is in Rawson). Please ensure you check with your owner/operators manual for any advice on entering alpine or cold climate areas