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Escape the city and explore all that Mt Baw Baw Alpine Village has to offer


Trail Running and Altitude Training near Melbourne

Explore the Village and surrounding trail networks before heading out into Baw Baw National Park for a couple of hours or an all-day epic. There is an adventure to suit all abilities from a short run around the beautiful LaTrobe trail to a full day expedition to the magnificent Mushroom Rocks. October to May is the best time to run our trails with the wildflowers in full bloom and the trails relatively dry following the thaw of winter snow.

Running with altitude… 

Head for the hills, fill your lungs with fresh alpine air and hit the trails running. Test and build your stamina on a series of colour-coded runs spanning the 7 Peaks of Victoria – Mt Baw Baw, Mt Buffalo, Mt Buller, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek, Hotham and Lake Mountain.  Weave your way through Snow Gum forests and towering stands of Mountain Ash, duck between a jumble of granite boulders, sweep past carpets of wildflowers. With over 200km of mapped running trails, there’s a course to suit every level of fitness and experience.



  • Distance of less than 5km
  • Moderately easy terrain, short sections of technical but mostly easy, single track + fire trails/roads. Groomed or mostly flat underfoot. No waterway crossings, no steep descents, few obstacles and limited tight switchbacks
  • All  run-able gradient, undulating in general with no more than 5% pushing more than 1:10
  • Total Ascent less than 250m
  • Route Markers excellent with markers at every junctions


  • Distance of 5-10 kms
  • Moderately challenging terrain, mix of technical and non technical, single track with potential of trail debris, Some steep descents, obstacles and limited tight switchbacks. Mixed surface – mud, potentially 1-2 easy water crossings
  • Mostly run-able gradient,  but has some short (100m) step ascent and decent sections with approx 10% pushing more than 1:10
  • Total Ascent 250 – 500 metres
  • Route Markers good at every junction with a few  reminders
  • Requires periods of focussed concentration


  • Distance of 10-15 kms
  • Difficult technical terrain that is extremely demanding
  • May have water crossings which require runner to slow to walking pace, may have obstacles which require focus to avoid head/upper body .
  • May require short climbs requiring hands.
  • Includes hard cornering, switchbacks and winding sections
  •  Total Ascent 500 – 800 metres
  • Lots of steep ascent and descent (more than 1:10 for over 30% of route)
  • Route Markers more sporadic and navigational skills may be necessary
  • Requires long periods of focussed concentration for safe foot fall and navigational accuracy

Visit the 7 Peaks Run website for more information, follow 7 Peaks Run on Facebook or visit the Adventure Hub on mountain this summer


This summer Mt Baw Baw will be hosting a range of exciting new trail running events including:

  • Baw Baw Trail Run Festival at Mt Baw Baw held on the 4th and 5th March 2017










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