Fill up Your Tank

Avoid running out of fuel...

There is no petrol or diesel available on the mountain so it is always a good idea to have a full tank before you come up to allow for the journey back down the mountain.

The closest petrol stations are in Yarra Junction/The Landing Place, Neerim Junction, Neerim South, Tyres or Moe.

Once temperatures drop below the freezing point for diesel it can start to solidfy into a thick waxy substance that cannot pass through filters and can stop your car from working. Remember if you drive a diesel car to fill up with Alpine Diesel Mix or add additives that have a lower freezing point and can help prevent your diesel from solidifying. Alpine Diesel Mix is usually available closer to the region so ensure you have enough in your tank to allow for the journey to fill up with the mix. Alpine Diesel is available from Saviges Road Fast & Ezy in Moe.

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