Covid-19 Information

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and resort statements.
Last Updated: 24/05/ 2020 

Covid-19 Response

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort will be OPEN to the public effective as of Thursday 14th May 2020 for day visitors only from 9am to 5pm with the following:
  1. Take away food and beverages at Village Central Cafe, open 10am - 4pm.
  2. Visitors maintain physical distancing and register at Guest Services for summer walking and hiking.
  3. No public accommodation for overnight stays.
These operations will be monitored and reviewed weekly while current restrictions are in effect until 31st May 2020.
The White Season will commence on June 22nd - Find out more.
Download the COVIDSafe app. Slow the spread. Save lives. 
Visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website for current information and updates: or call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 hours).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mt Baw Baw going to open for white season 2020?
The Premier has announced that the Snow Season will commence on June 22nd. Mt Baw Baw is currently making preparations to ensure we will be able to provide snow activities from this date. Further information will be released soon.
I am a season pass holder; what should I do?
Right now, you do not need to do anything. The moment the Resort has a clearer picture on what the season will look like we will contact season pass holders. We still have our fingers crossed for a bumper season of skiing and boarding! 
Can I get a refund for my booking?
Presently there is no need to cancel your winter booking. If you'd like to discuss your situation please contact Guest Services on 03 5165 1136
Green Season
Can I still visit Mt Baw Baw?
The Resort is now temporarily closed until April 13th. Please do not visit the resort.
Is everything closed at the Resort?
Guest Information Services will available by telephone on 5165 1136 during normal office hours (M-S; 9am – 5pm)
Are summer events cancelled?
All of our remaining summer events have now been resceduled where possible until after October.
Can I get a refund for my summer booking?
The Resort will consider each request on a case by case basis in line with its policies. Please contact Guest Services to discuss your situation. Call 5165 1136
I have another question.
Please contact Guest Services on or call 03 5165 1136.


Mental Health Information

In these challenging times – please look after your mental health, this information compiled by our DELWP colleagues may help.

Some helpful information from the Beyond Blue website:
  • Try to maintain perspective.
  • Find a healthy balance in relation to media coverage.
  • Access good quality information.
  • Try to maintain a practical and calm approach.
  • Try not to make assumptions.

Managing your mental health while in self-isolation or quarantine (or indeed working from home for long periods):
  • Remind yourself that this is a temporary period of isolation to slow the spread of the virus.
  • Remember that your effort is helping others in the community avoid contracting the virus.
  • Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues via email, social media, video conferencing or telephone.
  • Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing.
  • Keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy foods.
  • Try to maintain physical activity.
  • Establish routines as best possible and try to view this period as a new experience that can bring health benefits.
  • For those working from home, try to maintain a healthy balance by allocating specific work hours, taking regular breaks and, if possible, establishing a dedicated work space.

Children and Young People
  • Families and caregivers of children and young people should discuss news of the virus with those in their care in an open and honest way.
  • Try to relate the facts without causing alarm, and in a way that is appropriate for their age and temperament. It is important to listen to any questions they may have, to let them know that they are safe and that it’s normal to feel concerned.

Seek Support
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed by news about the outbreak. Whilst keeping up to date is important, be cautious about the amount of time your spend watching the coverage. Maintain a healthy balance.
People who have experienced mental health issues in the past, or those who are feeling anxious should:
  • Activate support networks.
  • Acknowledge feelings of distress.
  • Seek professional support early if you’re having difficulties.
Visit the Beyond Blue website for more information


More information about COVID-19 -​
As per the Premier’s media release this morning, Victoria Police have increased resources to ensure enforcement. Failure to observe the above directions will result in a fine of $20,000.
Stay Safe - follow COVID-19 protocol Learn more