Come and say "Awoooooooororrrooo!"  to the two latest additions to our Baw Baw Family, Rowdy and Warragul at our NUTRO™ Dingo Resource Centre.


Alpine Dingoes at Mt Baw Baw


"Meet the Dingoes" sessions and talks will be running throughout School Holidays and and on special event weekends. Please call Guest Services to enquire. Max 8 people per session. Minimum age requirements apply. See the Events page for session dates and times.

Rowdy and Warragul are Baw Baw's resident dingoes. Rowdy (ginger fur) is an alpine/desert dingo cross. Warragul (light fur) is 100% Alpine Dingo. They've been with us since late 2017 and are set for their second full winter on mountain.


Come learn about the dingoes, the critically endangered Baw Baw Frog, Leadbeater's Possum and other species of plants and animals that occupy the mountain in our brand new Dingo Resource Centre.

Special Educational talks and experiences are available by booking with our Groups Coordinator.