Come and let spin on Baw Baw's 9-hole Disc Golf Course!  We'll be launching our Disc Golf season on our Summer of Sports launch day in December 22nd, 2018.


Disk Golf is played in a similar way to traditional golf; however, instead of using golf clubs and golf balls, you will use a disc similar to a frisbee and instead of the traditional hole on the green, in disc golf you aim to land your disc in an elevated framed metal catching basket.

Consisting of a 9 hole course that showcases some of the most amazing views and natural beauty that the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Village has to offer. The first tee off is at the Village Central Restaurant where you will throw out towards an unforgettable view of the mountain landscape reaching across Gippsland, all the way to Bass straight on a clear day. Hole 2, 3 and 4 will take you around the resort into the central winter ski area. The 5th, 6th and 7th will test your fitness taking you on a climb up to enjoy some more breathtaking views. From here, you will descend to finish below the Alpine Hotel, not far from the original tee off. All holes contain course maps and directional signage.

Mount Baw Baw disc golf is free. Score cards are available at Guest Services. You will be required to pay a $20 deposit per disc which will be returned to you when each disc is returned.

You may register at the Guest Services / Village Store building. For large groups or schools we advise you to book in advance by calling the Baw Baw Guest Information center on (03) 51651136 or emailing us on

The Rules

    Tee Off: Each hole begins with a throw (tee throw) from the tee off pad
    Lie: This is the place where the disc land
    Throw order: The person with the lowest score on the previous hole throws first from the tee off pad. After the tee off, the person whose disc is the furthest from the hole throws first.
    Fairway throws: All throws after tee off must be made from the lie. A run up and/or a follow through is permitted.
    Drop rule: When a player’s disc lands in the scrub, they may choose to drop their disc back on the track. Penalty: 1 point.
    Putting: When a player throws within 10 meters of the basket, the player must not step past the lie.
    Completion of a hole: The hole is completed when the disc lands in the basket.
    Respect: Please do not litter. Place all rubbish in a rubbish bin. Please show respect to all other users of the Mount Baw Baw Alpine resort and refrain from throwing when others are nearby. Please make all efforts not to damage any vegetation or interfere with any wild life.
    Clothing Please wear sensible clothing, a hat & sunscreen. The march flies seem to be attracted to blue so we also advise to avoid this colour where possible. For wet weather, water proof ponchos are available from the Adventure Hub for a few dollars.