If downhill ski or snowboard is not for you why not give Snowshoeing or winter hiking a try?

Winter Hiking

Snowshoeing is an outdoor snow activity that involves strapping on special snowshoes. The shoes take up a larger area than your foot and they work by evenly distributing your weight across the snow so that you do not sink into the snow (we wouldn’t want that!). Snowshoeing is akin to floating on ice or water. The sheltered slopes and bowls of the Baw Baw Plateau provide the perfect location for beginner to intermediate snowshoeing or hiking in winter. Please note: you are responsible for your own safety when planning and participating in winter activities.

Snow shoes are available for hire on mountain at Baw Baw Ski Hire. They can also be found at other business off mountain. Please see our Rentals page for more information.

Powder Pup Snow Shoe Tour

This tour is a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of a retired sled dog. Howling Huskys is a forever-family meaning we do not rehome our retired sled dogs but just simply change their job titles. So come and gear up with a pair of snowshoes and walking harness and let our senior sled dogs show you the beauty of their favourite trails. As you journey into the trees with only the sound of crunching snow beneath your feet, your experienced guide will show you the fun we have keeping our retired dogs fit, happy and healthy. This tour is great for all ages and is based on keeping our dogs minds sharp and engaged.  So make snow angles together, play catch with a snowball or just embrace the gentle nature of these dogs while enjoying the view.
  • 1 Hour $75 per adult, $50 per child (30-45 mins walking 15-30 mins fitting snow shoes pat’n play with dogs)
  • 2 Hour Sunset $125 per adult (1.5 hours walking 15-20mins walking) Tour Leaves 4:00pm
Please note: children under the age of 13 cannot walk a dog on their own. The minimum charge for a Powder Pup Snowshoe Tour is 2 adults – maximum group size is 10. Tour availability is limited per day.
For enquiries please contact Howling Huskys or visit their website here.
Phone: 0488 040 308