In-ground trampolines

Kids (and big kids) come and try our free to use inground trampolines available all year round! Please check-in to Guest Services before using. Parental supervision is required.

Please note: The area around the trampolines is still undergoing works. The trampolines may be closed some weekdays to allow this work to continue.

Flippin’ Important Safety Rules
1. Only two adults, or three small children at a time
2. Do NOT wear shoes / appropriate socks must be worn
3. Avoid running, double bouncing or rough play
4. Don’t attempt any trick or activity beyond your skill level
5. Watch out for other bouncers, always give smaller bouncers “right of way”
6. Safely land on two feet when bouncing
7. Don’t jump or land on the padding
8. Pregnant women and people wearing casts are not permitted
9. No jumping under the influence of drugs or alcohol
10. No food or drink near the trampoline

The Resort is open for regional Victorians. Learn more. There is no resort entry fee in Green Season.