Ski Lifts
0 / 7
  • Summit T-Bar
  • Hut Run Platter
  • Painted T-Bar
  • Tank Hill Platter
  • Maltese Cross T-Bar
  • Magic Carpet
  • Big Hill Carpet
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Ski Runs
0 / 17
  • Summit Run
  • West Wood Run
  • Painted Run
  • Hut Run
  • La Descent
  • Tank Hill Run
  • Home Run
  • Big Hill West Run
  • Playground
  • Ridge Run
  • Drops on the Rocks Run
  • Bombadier Run
  • Maltese Cross Run
  • Slam Dunk Run
  • Champage Run
  • La Descente Run
  • Slalom Run
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Toboggan & Terrain Parks
0 / 3
  • Frosti Hollow Toboggan Park
  • Frosti Frog Magic Carpet
  • Tank Hill Terrain Park
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Cross Country Trails
7 / 7
  • Beech Trail (Snowshoeing only)
  • Latrobe Trail (Snowshoeing only)
  • Village Trail West (Snowshoeing only)
  • Summit Trail (Snowshoeing only)
  • Tanjil Link (Snowshoeing only)
  • Village Trail East (Snowshoeing only)
  • Muellers Trail (Snowshoeing only)
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Road Conditions

Resort Entry Road
Snow chains are required to be carried on the resort entry road during snow season.
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Tourist Rd (from Tanjil Bren)
Tourist Road has reopened as of 26/11/2021 after major repairs - Check VicRoads for alerts
South Face Road
A wide, comfortable but unsealed road. Snow may fall on road at times. Drive safe.
Be aware of trucks travelling along the road.

Snow chains must be carried at all times during the declared snow season (June - October) and fitted if if conditions require. Penalties apply for non-compliance.


Daily Snow Report​ - 25/09/2021 - 8:00

Welcome to the Mt Baw Baw 2021 season. All entry passes should be pre-purchased online before you travel.

Please also follow COVID-19 safe protocol while on the mountain and

remember that physical distancing applies. Please stay home if you’re feeling unwell

We ask that regional visitors follow the government guidelines, provide photo ID and a negative COVID-19 test result at resort entry for checking.

All visitors 12 years and over entering an Alpine Resort must present a negative COVID-19 test in the 72 hours prior to entering the resort.

Lift operations and resort services may vary each day.

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